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New events, locations online - more later at Origins

I'm a bit rushed right now doing some last-minute preparations for my trip to Origins (I'm running games at noon on Friday & Saturday - stop in and say hi!) but I wanted to put up a quick note:

  • A bunch of new events (including more anime & film ones) are online now, so check 'em out.

  • Locations have been added for most events as well, though some tweaking is still likely to occur. Don't plan everything on it yet, but it should give you an idea where most things will be.
I'll have a bigger post later this week, probably form Origins. I want to give some insight into what we go through when placing events and I'm sure I'll have plenty to say from the show itself as well.


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About Derek Guder

I'm an Event Programming Manager here at Gen Con. My pet projects are the anime & flim events, as well as eGame fun-time, but I also supervise overall gaming event (submission, placement badges, etc.).

I've been going to Gen Con for years as a GM for Eden Studios, running demos of WitchCraft and All Flesh Must Be Eaten that I'd written with "Derek the Elder" and the "Man in the Chicken Coat." It was great sitting down with a bunch of strangers, handing them pre-generated characters (each with their own hosts of secrets) and then sitting back to watch the chaos ensue. Ah, those were the days...

I got into convention work at Anime Boston. I was one of the founding members and with a small group of other dedicated fans, we were able to pull off a wildly successful event: in our first year we have almost 4000 attendees show up and had to close registration and turn people away on Saturday morning, mid-way through the convention.

Ever since then I've loved working at a convention. I almost can't even go to a con anymore unless I'm working in one capacity or another - I just don't know what to do with myself.

So now I'm out in Seattle, but I'm an East Coast boy through-and-through. I grew up all over New England and went to school at Boston University. Seattle's beautiful scenery and weather (c'mon, that ain't rain, it's just a damn light misting) still seems a little unnatural. Where's the snow? The humidity? The sudden drops in temperature? Well, maybe I only actually miss the snow.

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