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pdf How to use badge allocations

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How To Redeem a GM Badge(S):


Step 1: Go to the Gen Con registration website -


Step 2: Sign in to your Gen Con account by clicking the "Sign In/Sign Up" link in the upper left corner of the screen.


Step 3: Click the "Get A Badge" link located under the ATTEND section on the left of the screen.

If you don't have mailing address information in your personal account, you will be prompted to enter your mailing address information. When your information is complete, click "Update", then click the "Get A Badge" link.


You will land on the badge selection page with a message in red stating "NOTICE: You are purchasing badges on behalf of your organization. These purchases will not show up in your personal transaction history. They will be shown on the organization's transaction history."


A GM badge will also be listed in a light blue bar just above the Enter Badge Authorization Code section (at the bottom of the badge list). The badge should have a $0.00 cost value.


Step 4: Click "select" next to the zero cost badge.

Your name will appear with a check box next to it (along with anyone on your Friends List).


There is also a link for "Someone else". This is where you will add the emails of GMs/volunteers who will be receiving badges on behalf of your organization, company or gaming group.


Step 5: Click the check box next to your name.

Your name, along with the badge, should appear in the "Cart" section on the right side of the screen.

If you are the only one getting a GM Badge, skip to Step 9.


Step 6: Click the "Someone else" link and enter the email address (associated with a RUBI account) of one of the people within your group that will be getting a GM badge.


Step 7: Click "Find".

If the system doesn't recognize the email you entered, it will notify you and display a First Name and Last Name text boxes. Be sure there are no typos in the email.


If you don't know the email address of a member in your group, click the "Don't Know" link and enter their name.


Step 8: Continue steps 6 and 7 until all the emails/names of the people you are getting badges for are entered.

The names you entered, along with the badge, should appear in the "Cart" section on the right side of the screen.


Step 9: Click the "Checkout" button in the "Cart" section.

This will take you to the MY SHOPPING CART page.


If the badge(s) you see listed has a cost associated with it you have selected the wrong badge.


Step 10: Follow the remaining prompted steps to complete your transaction. Be sure to click the "Complete Purchase" button.


You will have successfully obtained a badge (or badges) when you land on the RECEIPT page. An email will be sent to you and the individuals you obtained badges for confirming the badge procurement.



Things to KNOW:

  • You must have an account in the Gen Con registration system in order to obtain a badge.
  • One badge per account/person.
  • You are the primary contact for your organization, company or gaming group and you are obtaining badges on behalf of your organization. The purchases will not show up in your personal transaction history, but in the transaction history of your organization.
  • The name in the personal Gen Con (RUBI) account(s) is the name that will be displayed on the badge. It will be displayed as entered ... typos and all! To update the personal contact information, you will need to log in to your account and click the "My Profile" link.
  • Everyone must have a badge to participate in the show. If you don't go through the above process, a badge will not be created, and one will have to be created at the show. Long lines may be experienced onsite.
  • GM badges will be available for pick-up onsite at GM HQ starting Wednesday, August 3rd, they will not be mailed. Only the Event Coordinator/Organizer and other designates (determined by EO) are eligible to pick-up badge(s). Contact your EO for more info.
  • GM badge(s) should be "purchased" by June 18th in order to ensure a smooth check-in process onsite. Badges procured after June 18th may not be ready for pick-up and long lines may be experienced onsite.

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