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pdf Event Host Policy (revision 15.1)

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Date Added: 02-09-2007

Updated January 6, 2015

This is the event host policy for Gen Con Indy 2015. By submitting and/or running events at Gen Con, you agree to all policies contained within this document, so you should be familiar with it.


It should answer all of your questions regarding badges, hotels, tables, prizes, reimbursements, etc. as they relate to events at Gen Con.


If you have any further questions, concerns, problems or suggestions regarding the Event Host Policy, please let us know.

      Guide to Changes in the Event Host Policy

Major Policy Changes & Reminders

Contracted Event Space Price Increase

The rates for contracted event space have increased. The base rate per square foot now starts at $5 and the deadline for booking is much earlier. If you have any questions, refer to the relevant section or email

EO/GM Email List

Anyone submitting and event will be added to and kept on the EO/GM email list for that year. This list is used intermittently for important announcements regarding events, so it is important to receive all messages. If you have any concerns, please email

You can also sign up directly for the list at

Some Events Will Not Be Included In Print Event Charts

The event charts in the program book have limited space. Not all events will be able to be included. Gen Con will use its discretion in the selection process for what is included. All events will be listed online, and every effort will be made to inform attendees of where to find the most complete and up-to-date information.

Policy & Process Clarifications & Reminders

The following policy and process clarifications are summaries.  Please see the corresponding sections in the Event Host Policy for the actual policies.

A/V Price Increase

The costs for ordering A/V for your events have increased slightly. Refer to the appropriate section for full details.

Report Attendance for All Events

You must report attendance for all events. If your event had a cost and required tickets, you must collect those tickets and turn them into Gen Con in a properly filled out envelope. If it did not require tickets (e.g. it was free, a seminar, etc.), you must still report attendance. You can use the “COMP players” space on the envelope to report unticketed players for free events. If no players showed up, you must let a nearby HQ know.

If we did not receive an attendance report, then we will assume that you did not show up or your event, and will act accordingly.

Reimbursements are Not Automatic

If you need reimbursement for your badge or hotel, you must ask for it – within two weeks of the show.

If you have a GM badge, drop your attendee badge off at GM HQ on Thursday. You will not be issued a refund for a badge that you kept all weekend.

If you did not get a GM badge, you must send an email request with your account and event information.

To request a hotel reimbursement, you must provide a hotel bill with your name printed on it by the hotel along with your account and event information.

See the Reimbursements & Payments section for more information.


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