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  • Downtown Spas?

    Hope this is in the right place. Does anyone have any experiences with any of the local downtown Indy spas? There are less than I expected and I couldn't really find much about them. Figured there might be something I'm missing. Thanks!
    Posted to Travel, Housing and Dining 2013 (Forum) by tehana on 07-02-2013
  • Re: Gluten-Free Gencon 2011

    All Tamari isn't gluten free, some are, just like some soy sauce is :) What type of rice pasta did you try? Tinkiyada and Goldbaums taste nearly identical to enriched wheat pasta and are made from whole grain brown rice.
    Posted to Travel, Housing, and Dining 2011 (Forum) by tehana on 06-08-2011
  • Re: Gluten-Free Gencon 2011

    [quote user="Braewe"][quote user="tehana"]. Even if they are fried in a dedicated fryer, the oil is combined at the end of the night and reused the next day[/quote] This depends on the type of fryer, though I would be skeptical ANYWAY. McDonalds does /not/ do the combine thing(If they did, the oil cost would skyrocket--we very ...
    Posted to Travel, Housing, and Dining 2011 (Forum) by tehana on 05-18-2011
  • Re: Gluten-Free Gencon 2011

    [quote user="Tom"]Sushi is gluten-free, right? Well, the rice has a kind of gluten...I guess I'm not sure if rice gluten is bad for Celiacs. Sashimi, then! Kiddy-corner from the Omni-Severen, pretty good sushi place. :) (PS: Good to see you again, Tehana.  Sorry to hear about the Celiac diagnosis, but it sounds like you've ...
    Posted to Travel, Housing, and Dining 2011 (Forum) by tehana on 05-18-2011
  • Gluten-Free Gencon 2011

    Hey all, been awhile. Since Gencon 2009 I've been quite busy. Right after GC 09 I found out I have Celiac's disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the digestive track when gluten is ingested. Gluten is present in all items containing wheat, rye, barley and even most oats. It is thought that 95% of items in the ...
    Posted to Travel, Housing, and Dining 2011 (Forum) by tehana on 05-13-2011
  • Re: King Oil

    My parents who are collectibles dealers have come upon this game a handful of times. Most of the time they've sold it via online auction for ~$200. The last one they found was missing a few parts but worked properly (We actually played it at Christmas 2009) and they sold it around $150 IIRC. It is a desirable game but I'd suspect you ...
    Posted to Auction (Forum) by tehana on 03-07-2011
  • Re: 2010 KFG Frightfest!! Scary tales, silly tales... last week of October

    Miek, Ravensmuse is up for it. He's got a wicked cool idea for this year! And woah, holy crap I still exist! Hey everyone.
    Posted to Games (Forum) by tehana on 10-06-2010
  • Re: DDO is now Free to Play

    I downloaded and played it a couple times when it went free and it froze my computer up. I'm on a newer machine that should have no problem running it. I've had friends have similar problems with it as well, one of them loosing their entire harddrive.   I might try once more, but I'm encountering software problems. Without the ...
    Posted to Games (Forum) by tehana on 09-21-2009
  • Re: Photos?

    Does anyone have any photos of me, of course my camera went wonky and didn't focus on over 1/2 my shots... So I'm missing any good pics of me alone. I was dressed as an elf both days, photo in my avatar. I'd be very grateful! 
    Posted to General Info - 09 (Forum) by tehana on 09-06-2009
  • Re: Photos?

    Here's some of mine. :) Enjoy! If you'd any of them please ask, not because I think my pictures are gold but because some of them are personal.   Thank you!
    Posted to General Info - 09 (Forum) by tehana on 08-21-2009
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