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  • Re: Which games would you recommend for beginners?

    I'll give you a suggestion that's out of the standard mix here (not that these aren't good suggestions)... Try one of our BYOV LARPs. Yes, they are 'live action role-playing', but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's full of vampires or weird rules or anything hard...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 07-14-2011
  • Re: What are you Running? Pimp your Events!

    [quote user="Kyaria"] If I had $40 to spare I'd so be there! [/quote] Ah, that's just one dinner/drinks night at Scotty's, or one game in the exhibitors' hall. :)
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 06-10-2011
  • Re: What event are you looking forward to the most at GenCon '11?

    [quote user="Jason S"] 3) LARPing [/quote] Oh really? Might I suggest some of the excellent LARPs from BYOV? The Event Reg Link Our Website We have tickets left for all of our LARPs, an lots of good stuff planned this year in each one. Like the Steampunk-friendly Funeral of Edward Hannigan...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-13-2011
  • Re: CHARITY LARP! A Holiday at Hogwarts: King's Cross

    [quote user="LarpPrincess"] PRS and I are in, just bought our tickets. I can't find the cast list on, yet. Is it up? [/quote] Not yet, no :( I'm in the middle of the semester end, buried in grades. I'll have a preliminary list up soon, though. Super-happy that you two can...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-08-2011
  • Re: fun newbie events??

    Hi Heather :) We at BYOV pride ourselves on trying to be very newbie-friendly. We have tabletops which are all sold let me tell you about our LARPs :) There are a LOT of different things people mean by 'LARP', so here's what we mean: you get a character sheet with a background, goals...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-03-2011
  • Re: Solo Attendees / First Time at GenCon

    [quote user="Narcissica"] My first LARP was a BYOV production - it was the Torchwood LARP in 2007(?) I just threw myself into the character and had a blast. I even won a t-shirt for my acting. :) I fell in love with BYOV from that point on, and made some really great friends. The majority of...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-02-2011
  • Re: Solo Attendees / First Time at GenCon

    [quote user="alkah3st"] I am curious about the LARPs... I did one LARP not too long ago for a reporter friend of mine who was writing a book about LARP (that'll be published this fall actually). She conducted her own with a LARPing group in her parent's summer home in Cape May NJ. There...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-02-2011
  • Re: Looking for a Steampunk Costume LARP?

    Ooh ooh! Let me point out also, because they don't conflict, that Steampunk costumes would be very welcome and very fitting in The Funeral of Edward Hannigan - Event Link The Dust Bowl, 1935. A funeral in a small town in Kansas, as a Black Blizzard approaches. Is this the end of the world? Friday...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-02-2011
  • Re: MISSED OUT? GMs, post open events here!

    Awesome. I just figured that it might help people looking for events for the moment if all or some of the pimping was centralized :) I'm from Iowa, where we caucus. If you don't have a ticket for my event, let me convince you why you should :)
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-01-2011
  • MISSED OUT? GMs, post open events here!

    Missed out on events you wanted? There's still a lot available. BYOV has a number of tickets available for our LARPs. These are beginner friendly, no 'boffing', no costumes required, no wierdness. Just role-playing intensive murder mystery sort of fun. Our Full List ... A Holiday At Hogwarts...
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-01-2011
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