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  • Re: RPGA Events?

    Can't say much more than the usual: [quote] As always, is something isn't showing up in the event charts, than it either: Hasn't been reviewed and placed yet or Hasn't been submitted. If you don't see what you're looking for, I strongly encourage you to contact the gaming group...
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 04-09-2008
  • Another batch of events released

    I've gone through and set another big batch of events as active (all the cycle 2 LARPs, RPGs and TCGs - and lots of CGMs as well. And all the BGMs as well!). We did it a little different this time around, though - so I don't think they are in the downloadable event catalog yet (since it updates...
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 04-09-2008
  • event previews - cycle 1 TCG & minis games added

    Another heads-up about the event catalog preview - TCGs and miniatures games submitted during cycle 1 have been placed and should be active now. You can view them in the previews available here . And please - keep in mind that the event listing is by no means complete . So far we've only gone through...
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 04-03-2008
  • Re: event catalog update - cycle 1 LRP & BGM added

    The Wednesday event program is something I love, but it'll have to be ironed out after all the events over the core 4 days of the show. It's really hard to give any kind of hard timeline on when that will happen. If anyone is concerned about the status of their events, just sign into your account...
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 03-27-2008
  • event catalog update - cycle 1 LRP & BGM added

    Another week, another batch of events. This time we've added all the cycle 1 board games and LARPs to the event catalogs . The independent RPGs are also listed now. Everyone have a party
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 03-19-2008
  • new blog post

    I just put up a new blog post talking a bit more about the event charts - as well as the coolest event I've seen so far.
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 03-16-2008
  • Initial event catalog available for download!

    Here's the official announcement: [quote] This year we are pleased to announce the early, phased release of Event Charts. Because we have improved our event review process we are now able to assign locations earlier and get event information out to you sooner. As more events are submitted and approved...
    Posted to Forum by Derek Guder on 03-12-2008
  • Re: Mass Die Roll for Gary Gygax

    i am all for the mass roll, but i had a few other tribute ideas. my first thought was a candle carving competition event in memory of Gygax. sign ups on thurs. then on sunday the contestants get judged and light them in his honor. or going with the dice theme gencon could collect d20's outside exhibition...
    Posted to Forum by wrenn on 03-12-2008
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