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  • All Events Sold Out? Now What?

    I have never been to GEN CON before and I just bought a 4-day badge. But all the board game "events" I want to attend are already sold out. So now what? Did I just buy a 4-day ticket and I can't play any of the board games? Will there be a pick-up-and-play option? Why are there scheduled...
    Posted to Forum by roswellxavier on 07-10-2012
  • GenCon Cosplay 2012

    Hello everyone! I’m Kenai, aka Tuxedo Mask or James from Team Rocket or a World of Warcraft Orc, depending on the day of the con last year. If you are planning on wearing a costume this year or participating in any costumed-themed activities or events (or both!), I hope this thread can help you out,...
    Posted to Forum by Kenai on 06-17-2012
  • Re: Changes in Gen Con over the years

    [quote user="Tom"]It was really funny. When the rest of us heard her, we had no idea that Joe and his current table of gamers had told her that. So I went to talk to her (and buy a worked!), and she admitted sotto voce that she didn't know the movie, but the guys who suggested...
    Posted to Forum by darkangel866 on 02-28-2012
  • Re: Indy Highlighted in Milwaukee Journal Setinal-cool pics

    [quote user="Keeper"] [quote user="Quarex"] Plus, you can claim it is anecdotal if you want, but damn if the local restaurants/stores/et cetera around the convention center in Milwaukee did not seem to by and large find Gen-Con an annoyance instead of a windfall. I only went to Gen...
    Posted to Forum by Kenai on 01-20-2012
  • Re: Top Anime's That Will Be Cosplayed 2011

    I have never gone out of my way to run a tally of which is mosty popular, but I almost always see: Sailor Moon, FFVII (and other FF characters) Naruto, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Pokemon, and various video game characters from Tetris pieces to World of Warcraft characters...
    Posted to Forum by Kenai on 06-22-2011
  • Cosplaying in Indy

    Heya! Since this is the anime forum, I figured this was the best spot to post for people who are cosplaying for the heck of it and to have fun and meet new people. I know I am, but was curious to know if any one else is. Going to be going as Lady Tsunade from the anime series Naruto for those of you...
    Posted to Forum by KatTsunade on 07-27-2008
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