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  • Re: Members attending the con this year

    Nothing to be curious about. You see, Vilrandir (Hector) is getting married to his lovely Alicia on June 4 down in lovely Mexico City. A group of us UNers are going down for various reasons: To make sure this Alicia really exists and wasn't just photoshopped into those photos Hector showed us. If...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 03-27-2011
  • Re: More Bacon goodness for LOTN

    [quote user="Cdnvanguard"]I may not know much about our friends down under, but I DO know never call an Aussie a KIWI. I know in Canada if you call us American we'll send in the attack beavers..and for shock and awe effect Celine Dion. I shudder too think what an pissed off Aussie would...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 05-31-2010
  • Re: Gen Con UN T-Shirt 2010

    small version of new idea. Larger size on UN site. P.S. Working on a tentacle version. Remember, I don't have photoshop, only paint. I will be working on these all week next week. If you have request, please PM. I'll try anything (art wise) once. plus 3 more. These are just thumbnail size. Larger...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 03-04-2010
  • Gen Con UN T-Shirt 2010

    It's that time again. What ideas does everyone have for this year's shirt? I have one. It's a different take on the UN symbol.
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 02-23-2010
  • Re: Killer Breakfast??

    [quote user="Draven"] If you guys have extra room, I've never been to Killer Breakfast before this year and could use some veterans to sit with. [/quote] Come on along... Two years ago, you missed "My sister-mother" and the monster truck rally in Ravenloft. Only mentioned because...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 06-22-2009
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