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  • X-Men: First Class Trailer Online! Enjoy, Bundy
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 02-10-2011
  • Re: 2 Killer Breakfasts for 2011? YES!!!!!

    [quote user="zeldamaster8472"] What about Killer Breakfast Elevensies? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper? Mr. Hickman knows about them, doesn't he? [/quote] A couple of years ago, there was almost a Killer Midnight Snack! Back in the days of 8am start times (no more of those, please), we couldn't...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 01-25-2011
  • Re: 2 Killer Breakfasts for 2011? YES!!!!!

    Hey folks, Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy. We are working on a solution. As for now, we are waiting to see where we're going to be this year. With all that new space, we may not be in the Westin. Until we see the venue, we won't know how we'll seat people. I know that sounds...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 01-24-2011
  • Re: 2 Killer Breakfasts for 2011? YES!!!!!

    Who knows? We have the DVDs all the way back to 2003. Plus there are even older KB's in storage like 1992's "Bring me the Head of Wesley Crusher", 2001's "Horde of the Rings", 2002's "Star Warp 2 1/2: Send In the Clones (The first with songs!). After years of...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 01-21-2011
  • Re: Event Report Card: GenCon 2010

    Braewe, I feel your pain. I'm in Retail Management, myself. Customers don't lose 50 pts, they loos 100pts of IQ once they enter a store. This is why I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER work restaurant!!!! But, back on topic. Since I didn't play any games this year (There goes my geek cred) I can only...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 09-07-2010
  • Re: More Bacon goodness for LOTN

    [quote user="Cdnvanguard"]I may not know much about our friends down under, but I DO know never call an Aussie a KIWI. I know in Canada if you call us American we'll send in the attack beavers..and for shock and awe effect Celine Dion. I shudder too think what an pissed off Aussie would...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 05-31-2010
  • Whedon to Direct Marvel's "The Avengers"

    Another "Love it or Hate it" topic from Hollywood. This article is by Mike Fleming writing for DEADLINE NEW YORK. I'm told Marvel Studios is in final negotiations for Buffy the Vampire Slayer series architect Joss Whedon to direct Marvel Studios' The Avengers. That's the fast-tracked...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 04-14-2010
  • Re: Q+A for Hickman's Killer Breakfast 2010: ENT1008490

    [quote user="AlanS"] So, what's for breakfast? <ducks The Bundy's wild swing> [/quote] No wild swing necessary. I'll just let Tracy, Laura, Curtis, or Howard Tayler kill you, in public, as humiliatingly (is that a word) as possible. So everyone can enjoy it. And there was...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 04-07-2010
  • Re: Gen Con UN T-Shirt 2010

    small version of new idea. Larger size on UN site. P.S. Working on a tentacle version. Remember, I don't have photoshop, only paint. I will be working on these all week next week. If you have request, please PM. I'll try anything (art wise) once. plus 3 more. These are just thumbnail size. Larger...
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 03-04-2010
  • Gen Con UN T-Shirt 2010

    It's that time again. What ideas does everyone have for this year's shirt? I have one. It's a different take on the UN symbol.
    Posted to Forum by TheBundy on 02-23-2010
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