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  • Re: Introducing a friend to gencon

    A few suggestions I can think of: 1) set aside 3 hours or so to peruse the dealer hall. 2 is usually enough time to see everything you want to see, but Gen-Con is BIG. You may need that extra hour to walk to and from other events. 2) True Dungeon is a unique Gen-Con experience you cannot find anywhere...
    Posted to Forum by darkangel866 on 04-27-2011
  • Welcome to Nascrag - 2011

    Hi! Welcome to NASCRAG. If you’re looking for some good D+D at Gen Con this year, you’ve come to the right place. Nascrag is the Biggest D+D 3.5 Tournament at GenCon in 2011. Who We Are: NASCRAG is a national organization of gamers, headquartered in the Chicago area, that has been hosting D+D tournaments...
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 04-16-2011
  • Re: What should I tell my friend?

    Well, it is possible that for the Toby award there was a tabulating error. We try hard to get these things right, but mistakes get made. Jim actually has a really complicated formula for that. Your judge (me if I'm not mistaken) may have transposed a number or something. Thats embarrassing for me...
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 08-09-2010
  • Re: What Does Your Avatar Mean?

    NascragMan - well that's pretty self-explanatory. The avatar is the Nacrag mascot, Toby the Kobold riding a surfboard. It's a very old image, actually drawn when Nascrag first got a website (back when that was unusual and way-cool, and something we printed handouts to promote. I did the colorization...
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-30-2010
  • Re: It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN

    This time next week I'll be on the road to Indy.
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-28-2010
  • Re: Plaid Chameleons???

    [quote user="CheekyAmazon"]although I don't have INDY doing illustrations for me. (I wish!)[/quote] You know that Bill does do work on commission, right? Evil Fleet games has him draw their character illos every year. I'm just sayin...
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-28-2010
  • Re: 'Hidden' events?

    There's a little-known event called "Nascrag" that's hidden away in a ballroom on the second floor of the Hyatt. A 3 round D&D tournament with an emphasis on Roleplay over dice-rolling. Just look for the crowd of escaped mental patients.
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-28-2010
  • Re: Plaid Chameleons???

    Yeah, Carole told me that you actually had this written the year we played Small Problems. Great minds think alike! I just thought it was funny when I read the description.
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-28-2010
  • Re: why buying original fantasy art can be an investment

    Buying art as an investment is like buying food for the presentation.
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-27-2010
  • Re: What are you doing to pass the time till it's time to leave for gaming bliss?

    I've just recently overcome a crippling Mafia Wars addiction. I realized it was sucking away more han a half hour a day, and providing nothing more satisfying than mouse clicks and static graphics.
    Posted to Forum by NascragMan on 07-27-2010
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