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  • Re: AEG Big Game Night

    [quote user="atomreid"][quote user="Cinnibar"]I could be wrong, but I also believe that the company employees (volunteers for badges?) were also part of the prize drawings. I recall the last winner (one of everything) wearing the red 'We Make Fun' shirt. I'm torn on attending...
    Posted to Forum by je_walrus on 08-10-2015
  • how does scheduling work? 16 hr page

    This is going to be my first GenCon and I'm looking into the 16 hour page volunteering. How does volunteer scheduling work? Is it prescheduled, is showing up for an hour or two between events ok or is it a combination of the two? Also, if one works more than 16 hours, are they credited toward a future...
    Posted to Forum by mek42 on 05-01-2015
  • Looking for Volunteers for the Train Gamers Association

    The Train Gamers Association is looking for a few additional volunteers who would like to earn a free badge for the show. The duties would include handing out score sheets, collecting tickets, setting up games, putting games away, etc. The ideal candidate would be someone who is familiar with how events...
    Posted to Forum by TrellaBromley on 06-30-2013
  • Looking for Spanish- and French-Speaking GMs for Pathfinder

    Hi all. For Pathfinder Society, we are looking to expand a bit and offer 1-3 games per time slot in Spanish and French. My regional coordinators (aka.. Venture-Captains) from Paris and Quebec, as well as a third GM from France, are coming in and GMing a good number of games in French, using the French...
    Posted to Forum by coastiemike on 03-01-2013
  • True Dungeon seeks 2013 Volunteers!

    (Message forwarded from the True Dungeon website and their volunteer coordinator) Greetings, Gen Con Forumites! This is Jean – the Volunteer Coordinator for True Dungeon. The start of new year brings Gen Con Indy a whole lot closer. We've passed the halfway mark to this year's convention, and...
    Posted to Forum by magpie on 02-19-2013
  • Konami Diigital Entertainment, Inc. Seeks volunteers

    Greetings. I am Jonathan Albin, Organized Play manager for Konami Digital Entertainment's Card Business division. We are seeking two volunteers for demonstrating our new Role Playing Card Game, Blue Dragon. If interested, contact me directly, so I can get you our volunteer form, and fill you in on...
    Posted to Forum by Game Market Guru on 07-30-2008
  • Morton's List events - volunteers welcome

    What is the EASIEST game to run at GenCon? You guessed it, Morton's List ! No board to set up - the convention center/real world IS the "board" No characters to create/pass out - the players ARE the "characters" No adventure to think up - just sit back and let fate/chance/Karma...
    Posted to Forum by mortonslist on 07-29-2008
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